Can regulators influence drug prices?

A NEJM article explains how drug prices could decrease.

Top EMA and national authority draw the attention to what is perceived to be the growing problem of high drug prices and suggest several European regulatory means by which the prices of drugs could be decreased

  • Rapid approval of generics, biosimilars and ‘me-too’ products (medicines comparable to already approved options), as this facilitates competition and drives down prices;
  • Encourage clinical trials that also measure value
  • Facilitate data collection in post-approval studies for outcome-focused deals
  • Support more efficient medicines research and development: new and better approaches to develop drugs without harming people, e.g. more targeted selection of trial participants and the treatment-eligible population. This could be of relevance for in silico medicine.

The authors note that, although drug regulators are involved primarily with assessment of quality, safety and efficacy, regulators also have to facilitate access to effective and safe treatment.

The full article is available in open access in the NEJM here.

Date: 01/06/2016 | Tag: | News: 484 of 1581
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