Call for Twinnings in DigitalHealthEurope

The DigitalHealthEurope project is launching a twinning scheme in June, providing almost €1 million for more than 45 twinnings.

One of the initiative’s top priorities is to create “better data to advance research, disease prevention and personalised health and care - allowing researchers and other professionals to pool resources (data, expertise, computing processing and storage capacities) across the EU”.

In DigitalHealthEurope, twinnings are used to transfer innovative solutions from one European region or country to another. Interested organisations and individuals will first exchange ideas on twinning solutions which they can offer or would like to adopt. A twinning marketplace is set up by DigitalHealthEurope to facilitate the matchmaking process.

The total budget for all twinnings to be funded in this call is €932,000. Depending on the type and ambition, the budget per twinning may range from €5,000 for knowledge exchange & training up to €43,000 for full adoption of the digital solution. 

This call will be open on 11 June 2019, and the deadline is 7 August 2019.

Further details are available here.

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