Call for papers for a special collection on advances on in silico trials of medical products: evidence, methods, and tools

This is a running collection with no formal deadline, but initial submissions are encouraged by August 1st 2022

In silico trials (ISTs) for medical drugs and devices have increased popularity as cost-effective alternatives to their clinical counterparts. ISTs promise dramatic reductions in the resources needed to assess novel technologies and generate evidence supporting regulatory evaluation for safety and effectiveness. Some have suggested significant cost reductions by comparing an all-in-silico approach versus an equivalent clinical trial with humans. Others have argued for and reported incremental implementation of the in silico methodologies that complement or refine the design of clinical trials based on predictions from the in silico trial outcomes.

This special issue compiles Topical Review and Perspective articles across all fields of medicine for in silico trials methodologies encompassing the generation of digital cohorts, the physics and physiological modelling of medical diagnostics and therapeutics, and the analytical and statistical methods to estimate outcome metrics. We also welcome Reviews and Perspectives, which provide further evidence and exemplars demonstrating the relevance of in silico methodologies as adjuncts and accelerants to more traditional sources of scientific evidence.

Journal: Progress Reviews in Biomedical Engineering, IOP Publishing

Editors: Aldo Badano (Director, Division of Imaging, Diagnostics, and Software Reliability, Office of Science and Engineering Labs, CDRH/FDA) and Alejandro Frangi (University of Leeds, KU Leuven)

Contributions sought: review and perspective articles

Further information can be found here

Date: 27/04/2022 | Tag: | News: 1315 of 1573
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