Call for applications for an expert group on Business-to-Government data sharing

The Commission has recently launched a call for applications for the selection of members of the expert group “Business-to-Government (B2G) data sharing”.

This call follows the Commission Communication of 25 April entitled ‘Towards a common European data space’ in which the governing principles for B2G data were laid down and the Commission committed to create an Expert Group on B2G.

The Expert Group will bring together independent experts who will discuss B2G data-sharing principles and provide advice on future policy and funding initiatives.

In particular, the Expert Group shall:

  1. Assess principles, collaboration modes and technical means outlined in the Guidance on private sector data sharing and approve a framework for B2G data- sharing;
  2. Define and encourage B2G collaborations to test the guidance and facilitate the exchange of good practices between the members and with the Commission;
  3. Advise the Commission on new areas for potential support for B2G data sharing through the EU’s Research and Innovation Framework Programme or other programmes, and on future policy actions and next steps to enhance B2G data sharing.

The Expert Group conclusions and recommendations will be published in a report that could be used as input for possible future Commission initiatives on B2G data sharing.

Should you be interested, more information on the Expert Group and selection procedure can be found here. Applications can be submitted here by 28 September 2018.

The first meeting of the Expert Group is expected to take place in November. The list of members will be published in the Register of Commission expert groups.

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