C4BIO: Community Challenge towards Consensus on Characterization of Biological Tissue

We invite all research groups with experience in material characterization of biological tissue to join this initiative. Registration deadline: 4 January 2021

Have you also been questioning what the best practice for testing biological tissue is? Or how to compare your results to literature when a different methodology was used?

This is not surprising, since standardized or internationally recognized test protocols, as they exist for metals and polymers, do not yet exist for the characterization of biological tissues. This leads to many questions and confusion, and is also identified as one of the most important barriers for in silico medicine to break through.

To overcome this hurdle, a dedicated working group within VPHi and supported by the Avicenna Alliance and FIBEr, is organizing a community challenge with the aim to work towards consensus methodologies for the characterization of biological tissues. Different sessions will be organized focusing on specific aspects of the whole protocol (e.g. different test types, tissues, protocol aspects, …). The first and second session will target uniaxial and planar biaxial tensile testing of porcine aorta.

Do you have experience with the characterization of biological tissues and are you interested in participating in the challenge? Full details can be found on the dedicated website: https://c4bio.eu/

We are still looking for experts regarding the characterization of thermal or electrical properties of biological tissue. Do you have experience? Contact us



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