Blanca Rodriguez wins the MPLS Impact Award

Congratulations to our VPHi member, Blanca Rodriguez, for winning the MPLS Impact Award for Commercial Impact
Prof Blanca Rodriguez

The MPLS Impact Awards are assigned by the University of Oxford to foster and raise awareness of impact, preparing the ground for the impact case studies. Awards comprise a pay award of £1,000 (minus taxes) made to the individual. 

Blanca Rodriguez has won the MPLS Impact Award (category 1) for Commercial Impact, that recognises researchers at any career stage for research that has had significant commercial (economic) impact since 1 August 2013. In particular she was awarded for her contribution towards the reduction of the number of animal experiments in the pharmaceutical industry through the development of computational methods.

Our sincere congratulations to Blanca for this important achievement in the in silico medicine field!

Further information can be found here


Prof Blanca Rodriguez

Date: 12/02/2018 | Tag: | News: 737 of 1581
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