BioDeg: A finite element software for the simulation of the corrosion and biodegradation process in metallic biomaterials

The VPHi is very happy to announce that the computational model developed by our student committee member, Mojtaba Barzegari (KU Leuven), during his PhD is now a stand-alone software! Our congratulations!

BioDeg is an open-source software written in FreeFEM (a domain-specific language for finite element programming), C++, and Python for modeling the degradation of metallic biomaterials and simulating the biodegradation behavior of medical devices and implants in corrosion experiments. The underlying mathematical and computational models were already validated (Barzegari et al., 2021; Barzegari & Geris, 2022b) by comparing the predictions made by the code with the experimentally obtained quantities.

BioDeg supports simulating the change of morphology of the biodegradable part, release of materials, formation of surface corrosion products, the effect of the surrounding environment (such as various electrolyte solutions and chemical components as well as the presence of fluid flow), and change of other quantities (such as pH). It features command-line and graphical interfaces, being available on all major operating systems and platforms. BioDeg is designed with open standards in mind and as a result, can be easily integrated into other established workflows such as topology optimization and tissue growth models.

Full information on the software can be found here

Date: 22/06/2022 | Tag: | News: 1332 of 1573
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