Avicenna Alliance Parliament event reported in French newspaper

An article entitled ‘Modeling of virtual patients in the blocks - medicine in silico is looking for a European future’ reporting the Avicenna Event of 4 September, has been published on the 13 September in the French newspaper dealing with medical information: “le Quotidien du Médecin”.

The article describes the main messages that were conveyed during the press conference and the event at the European Parliament:

  • A group of international experts calls the European Commission to regulate digital simulation in health to help the market’s development.

  • Today, a European framework regulating the evaluation and uptake of in silico medicine is absent. However, evaluation is needed to measure the added value of a new health technology compared to existing ones.

  • The Avicenna Alliance, supported by Belgian MEP Lieve Wierinck, calls for a framework to harmonize the data exchange needed for health technology assessment.

  • In the long term, the objective of specialists in in silico medicine is to supplement or replace long and expensive clinical (pre-)trials in order to faster access to innovation.

This is a positive step towards the recognition of the benefits of computer modelling and in silico medicine to society at large.

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