Are you writing a proposal for an in silico medicine project? Get us involved!

Currently, there are a number of open calls for funding of interest for our community and a few more will open up soon. If you are looking for a partner within the in silico community with dissemination and stakeholder engagement expertise, don't hesitate to contact us!

The VPH Institute is an open community of researchers, clinicians, healthcare professionals, and experts in computer modelling and simulation for healthcare applications. Our primary focus is on advancing the use of computational techniques in medicine to create more accurate and personalized treatment approaches. By bringing together some of the largest research groups in in silico medicine from around the world, the VPHi plays a crucial role in promoting the adoption of these innovative technologies.

We also leverage our expertise by participating to a number of EC funded projects, taking advantage of our strategic assets and long standing reputation in the community. Currently we are contributing to:

Our activities in the projects span from dissemination, stakeholder engagement and regulatory & policy. We have a consolidated team of in silico medicine, communication and social science experts fully dedicated to implement the project goals.

For what regards dissemination we ensure that the project's findings and outcomes reach a wide audience and have a meaningful impact through the well-established tools and networks we have developed (Newsletter, Instagram, LinkedIn, video series etc). We can take care of this task as work package leader, or by collaborating with the project coordinator as dissemination partner.

When doing stakeholder engagement and outreach, the VPHi implements specific programs that are tailored to each of the stakeholder categories, using Responsible Research & Innovation (RRI) principles. Thanks to the participation in the ongoing projects, we have developed substantial expertise in the execution of surveys, panels and focus groups, and we have developed guidelines and information packages to guide similar activities in the future that will shortly made available to the entire community.

Our policy and regulatory activities are done in tight collaboration with the industry partners of the Avicenna Alliance. For the policy side, our main goal is to include specific references to computer modeling & simulation in the key legislations. While from the regulation point of view, we are working hard to make sure that the digital evidence (evidence generated via the use of computer modeling & simulation) will be admitted as genuine evidence in a regulatory submission within Europe and beyond.

Last but not least, the VPHi is also the coordinator of the EDITH Coordination Support Action, that aims to build the Ecosystem for DIgital Twin in Healthcare, equipping all European stakeholders with the right infrastructure and tools to develop the so-called Integrated Virtual Human Twin. Thanks to this key position, we can make sure your project will be able to actively engage with EDITH and will play a strategic role in influencing the future European policies on the use of in silico methods in healthcare.

For more details on how we can contribute to your proposal, you can find a detailed description of the activities we offer here. For questions, please contact our manager or director.

Additionally, if you are looking for partners within the in silico community that can provide a specific technological expertise, if you want to include the VPHi in an advisory board member capacity or would like to receive a letter of support from us for your project, you are welcome to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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