Applications for Horizon 2020 increased drastically

Competition for funding at EU level is fiercer than ever.

The same FP7 applicants who grumbled at calls being too narrow, may now regret such thoughts when applying for the broad Horizon 2020 calls. With the scope of calls significantly widened, every researcher with an idea seems to be finding a way to bring their pet project within the scope of EC funding. 

The result of this is two fold:

  • the sheer number of applicants reduces the chances of H2020 proposals being accepted;
  • decisions over who gets funding are even more arbitrary than usual.

Political pressure and public support are the way forward for aspiring fields of science. For researchers who are seeking funding, now would be a good time to search through the phone book for the names of EC colleagues and old friends who fortunately ended up as MEPs on the Parliament’s Industry, Research and Energy Committee. 

Date: 05/05/2015 | Tag: | News: 374 of 1573
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