Anna Corti (Politecnico di Milano) wins the Best VPHi Student Award

At the last day of the VPH2020 conference, Anna Corti was awarded with the Best VPHi Student Award and had the possibility to present her work in plenary during the VPHi award ceremony. Many congratulations to Anna!

The work of the Award Committee has been really tough this year. The quality of the applications received was generally very high and the Committee struggled to take their final decision until the very last minute!

On behalf of the VPHi community we wish to congratulate with Anna Corti that made it through the competition till the end, meritoriously winning the award!

Anna is based at Politecnico di Milano in Italy and she was award for her presentation on "Towards a patient-specific multiscale framework of in-stent restenosis: integration of hemodynamics and gene expression with an agent-based model of cellular dynamics"

This work is part of the project “TIME - From TIssue to Molecular mechanisms of restenosis after peripheral Endovascular interventions” (, supported by Fondazione Cariplo ( and coordinated by Dr. Claudio Chiastra.  Apart from Anna and Dr. Chiastra, the research team is composed also by Monika Colombo and collaborates with Francesco Migliavacca, Jose F. Rodriguez Matas and Giancarlo Pennati (Politecnico di Milano), Scott Berceli, Yong He and Jared Rozowsky (University of Florida) and Stefano Casarin (Houston Methodist Hospital).

The aim of the project is to study the mechanisms of in-stent restenosis in human femoral arteries following endovascular procedures. Due to the multifactorial and multiscale nature of the system, arising from the interplay of different factors, from the molecular (gene expression) to the tissue level (mechanical and hemodynamic forces), the study was carried out using the emerging systems biology approach. Specifically, in this work Anna developed a patient-specific model that, by integrating computational fluid dynamic simulations and gene expression data with an agent-based model of cellular dynamics, allows to investigate the effects of local hemodynamics and systemic inflammation on the intervention outcome.

Anna Corti says "It was a huge pleasure to present my work about a patient-specific multiscale model of in-stent restenosis at the VPH2020 conference, and I am really honored that I have been awarded with the Best VPHi Student Award. I would like to thank the VPH institute for this prize and all the organizers for arranging such an amazing congress, with inspiring sessions and talks: it’s always exciting to meet experts and young researchers from the academia and the industry. Last but not least, thanks to my research team!"

We also take the chance to congratulate the rest of the participants and mention the three runner ups:

  • RaphaĂ«lle Lesage (KULeuven)
  • Lara Deliège (University of Liege)
  • Laura Lafuente Gracia (KULeuven)

The Best VPHi Student Award is an annual competition made available to all the VPHi student members. The future call will be published on the VPHi website in 2021. Stay tuned not to miss the opportunity to participate!

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