An innovative Virtual Human Platform for Safety Assessment

The Dutch Research Agenda has awarded 9.9 million euros to implement a new way to assess the safety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals without using laboratory animals.

"...Imagine a world in which we can accurately test the safety of chemicals and pharmaceuticals for our health without the use of laboratory animals. Imagine that we know how these substances interact with human biology and physiology and how they can be used safely at home, school or at work during the course of our lives."

This is the vision of the future behind the NWA-ORC project 'Virtual Human Platform for safety assessment' (VHP), led by Juliette Legler, Professor of Toxicology at Utrecht University, Cyrille Krul (HU) and Anne Kienhuis (RIVM). 

VPHi is happy to be a partner in this initiative that makes the bridge between the toxicology and in silico medicine community.

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Date: 01/12/2020 | Tag: | News: 1148 of 1589
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