AIDA Committee meeting - exchange with French Minister, AI study, and draft report

The AIDA Committee meeting took place on 10 February 2022. The meeting saw an exchange with French Minister of Digital Affairs, Cedric O, the presentation of a study on EU legislation in the digital field and a final exchange on the draft report on artificial intelligence (AI) in a digital age as well as its amendments

The AIDA report considers AI and health a key case study, and the tabled amendments include an amendment suggested by Avicenna to rapporteur Axel Voss (EPP, Germany). Additionally, Minister O highlighted crucial aspects of the digital transition including harmonization and standard setting.

  • Minister O highlighted the similarities between the French plans for AI and the AIDA report, stating that Europe indeed must reconcile with the fact that it is falling behind regarding tech. He emphasised the need to both move quickly regarding AI while also rooting the EU approach in European values that take a risk-based, trustworthy and harmonised approach.
  • Cristiano Codagnone and Teresa Rodrigues de las Heras Ballell presented the study “Identification and assessment of existing and draft EU legislation in the digital field,” which was requested by the AIDA Committee. The study found that there are a multitude of gaps evident in EU digital policies, including a lack of coherence that will increase costs of compliance; a level of ambiguity that lacks clarity, such as in the case of transparency requirements that do not state who, how, and when things must be registered; and gaps regarding systems that can pose both high and low risks.To address these gaps, the study recommends clarifying the interplay between data protection and privacy schemes through more specific and harmonised terminology, assessing AI systems for compatibility, reference mechanisms already in effect when designing new legislation, and better balancing rights, innovation and ambition.
  • The final discussion on the draft report highlighted that there has been good, inclusive progress; however, there is extensive work left to ensure EU competitiveness and coordination for research. Overall, the health aspects of the AIDA report appear to be fairly uncontroversial and have not steered any disagreement in either debate, solidifying the Committee’s support for AI as a tool for health.

The draft report will be voted on in the Committee on 22 March (the last meeting of the AIDA Committee before the end of its mandate) and is planned for plenary debate in May 2022.

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