2nd Barcelona Summer School - lecture videos available on YouTube

All the presentations given during the 2017 VPH Summer School have been recorded and made available on YouTube. These videos are precious educational resources on specific in silico medicine topics.

Flow Phenomena in Biomedicine has been the main subject of the second VPH Summer School 2017 that took place from 22 to 26 May 2017. For the occasion, 15 international speakers presented a complete overview of state-of-the-art Virtual Physiological Human (VPH) research, covering important subjects, such as cell migrations, artery and airways remodelling, cardiac electrophysiology, complex flows and haemodynamic, functional and dynamic fluid-solid interactions, advanced clinical imaging and decision support systems, and regulatory aspects related to modelling.

All the lectures have been recorded and made available on the VPHi YouTube channel, forming an important set of educational resources.

VPH Summer School Lectures:

Flow imaging: from 1D Doppler measurements to 4D flow - Alberto Gomez (King's College London) https://youtu.be/W4K6DPAZT2c

Understanding fetal cardiovascular Changes and the role of modelling - Bart Bijens (ICREA & DTIC, Universitat Pompeu Fabra) https://youtu.be/7Q-YTw_PH20

Multiscale integrative modelling of asthmatic airway mechanobiology - Brindi Brook (University of Nottingham) https://youtu.be/VVfyz2-B_zU

Cardiac multiscale models-coupling of multiphysics amb machine learning - Kristin McLeod (Simula Research) https://youtu.be/v7-jbL89tlI

Cardiac haemodynamics - Javier Bermejo (Gregorio Marañón Hospital) https://youtu.be/ucBSyHkyQZg

4D MRI for studying blood flow in heart and vessels - José Rodríguez (Vall d'Hebrón Hospital)  https://youtu.be/NCKTyqqQco4

Mechanobiology and mathematical modeling of atheroma plaque initiation and development - Miguel Angel Martínez (University of Zaragoza) https://youtu.be/9tsqsKXpP4k

Chiken wings, cactus, windsocks and cauliflowers in cardiology - Oscar Camara (DTIC, University Pompeu Fabra) https://youtu.be/pqZ5qAgrXmA

Identifying faulty valves in the heart - Pablo Lamata (King's College London)  https://youtu.be/Z34px_t77os

Honorary VPH lecture: Flow modelling for device and therapy regulation - Tina Morrison (Deputy Director, Division of Applied Mechanics, FDA) https://youtu.be/vmbYP3qh66Q

Walking on water - why cartilage is hydrated - René van Donkelaar (Eindhoven University of Technology) https://youtu.be/ERjXFhHTcX4

Whole-field optical metrology for vascular flow characterisation - M.Pilar Arroyo (i3A - University of Zaragoza) https://youtu.be/hse0Ih3c1A4

Computational analysis of particule flows. Applications in biomechanics - Eugenio Oñate (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering - CIMNE) https://youtu.be/FsX7girSZ4U

Cardiovascular pathophysiology: atherosclerosis, vascular remodeling and blood clotting - Gemma Vilahur (Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences - ICCC) https://youtu.be/Qqq_UneBZBI

Euler and Lagrange-based schemes for Cardiovascular Flow Modeling - Hernan Morales (Philips) https://youtu.be/cHkGnMFtYcs

The whole playlist is available on our YouTube channel

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