1st VPHi Meet-The-Mentor Luncheon @VPH2016

For the first time, the student committee of the Institute has organised a networking session in which students had the opportunity to open a dialogue with Senior members of the Community.

The Meet-The-Mentor Luncheon took place on the 1st VPH2016 Conference day.  For the occasion seven important senior members of the community made themselves available to offer VPHi PhD students advice and suggestion on their future career possibilities. 

The panel was composed by both academic and industry representatives, the presence of the latter being very much appreciated by students. Among the others, Mark Palmer from Medtronic, who actually received the highest number of preferences. 

The outcome of the event has been very positive and all the students that participated really enjoyed having the opportunity to have very inspiring chats about their future with important researches who would not have had the chance to meet otherwise.

Surely a great initiative worth to be repeated in the near future!

Check the mentor panel composition

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