• In silico medicine now on Wikipedia

    We recently published a definition of "in silico medicine" on Wikipedia. Help us to implement it!
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  • European Parliament event to mark 2 year anniversary of the VPH Institute

    This May 2013, marks the 2 year anniversary of the Virtual Physiological Human Institute with the VPH going from strength to strength.
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  • "Of men, not mice"

    “Rather than over-relying on animal models to understand what happens in humans, isn’t it time to embrace human “model” to move forward?” The conclusion of the editorial of the Nature Medicine Editorial (April issue) screams out VPH technology is the step forward.
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  • Call for student / young ambassadors at ICT 2013

    Are you a young researcher in ICT-related field, or considering a career in ICT related research and innovation? Would you like to learn about the next directions of ICT research in Europe and meet ICT innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs? Apply to become a student / young ambassador at ICT 2013!
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  • Visit NMSBuilder and help the NMS Physiome team to reach 1500 visits!!!!

    The NMS Physiome project is increasing visits to its main NMSPhysiome output: an open-source tool chain for the processing of patient data and simulation of the musculo-skeletal conditions. Visit the software page to reach 1500 visits!!!
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  • Key health MEP highlights benefits of eHealth technologies

    New technologies could be a huge advantage for meeting Europe’s current healthcare and financial challenges, writes Françoise Grossetête (EPP, France)
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