"Your body modeled in a computer?"

When: 30/11/-0001 - 30/11/-0001
A new press article fully dedicated on VPH published in BIOVOX
Virtual Physiological Human

Ansys representative in the Avicenna Alliance Board, Dr Thierry Marchal, releases an interview for BIOVOX where he gives an overview of the current stare of the art of the VPH technology. Very interesting his interpretation on why despite the VPH technology has made some great progress ove the past decade, its application is still limited.

".... Despite these amazing achievements, limitations, such as computational time, the automated treatment of medical imaging, material property measurements, and large clinical acceptation, still prevent the extensive use of this approach. Without a global commitment for the pervasive exploitation of the VPH concept, the investments necessary to finalize useful models will be limited, thus limiting the actual impact of this concept. It is important to facilitate constructive interactions between all the VPH protagonists to transform this concept into a reality used every day by all healthcare actors.ā€¯

Read the full article here.


Virtual Physiological Human

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