Workshop "Mechanistic and AI digital twins in personalized medicine - two sides of the same coin"

When: 11/09/2023 - 13/09/2023
Where: Basel, Switzerland
The workshop will take place on 11 September 2023 during the Basel Computational Biology Conference, 11-13 September 2023 in Basel, Switzerland

The purpose of the workshop is to bring together researchers working in the field of digital twins in computational systems biology who use various formalisms to address challenges of data integration and model personalisation. The focus will be on presenting the state of the art in the field and how mechanistic computational modelling can upscale benefiting from AI-based methodological advances.

Several experts on computational modelling for personalised medicine, AI-based data integration and clinical digital twins are invited:

  • Liesbet Geris, VPH Institute, BE
  • Maria Rodriguez Martinez, IBM Zurich, CH
  • Mariano Vazquez, BSC, ES
  • Kristin Reiche, Fraunhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology, Leipzig, DE
  • Jurgen Kuball or Zsolt Sebestyen, UMC Utrecht Cancer Centre, NL
  • Ioannis Xenarios, UNIL/CHUV/Health2030 Genome Center, CH

Call for abstract
Interested scientists are invited to submit an abstract for a selected talk. The abstract should be in pdf form, 400 words maximum with figures if needed, and not exceeding 1 page. Submissions should be sent to with title: [BC]2 workshop abstract submission.

More info and full programme available at

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