WEBINAR - Avicenna Alliance & VPHi: 2016 plan and working groups

When: 01/03/2016 - 01/03/2016
Where: Webinar

2016 sees the establishment of the Avicenna Alliance, a partnership between industry and the VPHi research community that will join forces to promote the in silico medicine market. 

in silico” medicine is the use of individualised computer simulations in the prevention, diagnosis, prognostic assessment, and treatment of disease. Today our healthcare systems are based on the limitations of the pre-digital era, an acceptance that we do not have the capacity to understand the human body on a scale necessary to provide personalized treatments. With the advent of the digital era, our ability to turn gargantuan quantities of raw data into usable information requires that we re-think these assumptions and the policy structures that enable them. 

With a 50-50 representation of industry and VPHi members, the Alliance will work toward addressing the current barriers to the uptake of VPH solutions, focusing on 3 key areas:

  • Policy affairs
    1. Identification of challenges for the in silico market and research community and the development of corresponding policy solutions;
    2. Engagement with the European Parliament, Council and Commission on key dossiers and policy issues of importance to the Membership;
    3. Communication on the potential of in silico medicine for patients, healthcare professionals and industries.
  • Research

    1. Promotion of in silico medicine in Horizon 2020;
    2. Working towards the creation of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) on in silico medicine;
    3. Creation of links between the VPHi Membership and Avicenna Industry Members
  • EU/USA/Asia
    1. Creation of links with Avicenna Alliance stakeholder counterparts in different Regulatory systems;
    2. Works towards a global harmonized framework for in silico medicine;

The new collaborative scenario between the Avicenna Alliance and the VPH Institute will be presented and discussed during the webinar, touching the following topics:

  • "Avicenna Alliance goals and 2016 plan" by Dr Adriano Henney (VPHi Executive Director and Avicenna Alliance Secretary General): 
  • "Avicenna/VPHi Working Groups: Policy Affairs, Research and EU/USA/Asia: objectives and how to join" by James Kennedy (Rohde Public Policy): 
  • "Policy Affair Working Group: What have we reached so far" by Prof Lies Geris (VPHi)


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