International Symposium on Living Heart and Virtual Twin for Humans

When: 08/12/2020 - 09/12/2020
Where: On line

On Tuesday & Wednesday, December 8 and 9th, leaders from academia, the medical device, and pharmaceutical industries, clinicians, and regulators will come together to share the most current advances in the use of simulation for the human body for the development of new treatments and precision patient care. Multidisciplinary panels will address the key challenges and identify synergies culminating in a roadmap to simulating the human body.

You are invited to virtually participate in this free, two-day event where youā€™ll:

  • Discover cutting-edge virtual twin applications across the entire product lifecycle
  • Converse with like-minded peers in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, research centers, clinical practice
  • Learn the latest on the FDA position on the use of modeling and simulation of virtual patients
  • Learn best practices from members of the Living Heart Project
  • Directly contribute expertise to the development of virtual human twin
  • Meet Dassault Systemā€™s experts and expand your networks and skills

Full information can be found here

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