Finite Element Modeling Mini Lecture Series and Workshop Zurich

When: 17/03/2021 - 18/03/2021
Where: Online

The Finite Element Modeling Mini Lecture Series and Workshop is an international networking event and its goals are ultimately two-fold: to showcase outstanding research using dynamic FEA simulations and to ensure that these advanced methods are accessible to scientists at all levels within and outside of the UZH research community. Despite a broad range of potential applications, and sufficient interest, there is currently no developed finite element analysis (FEA) community based explicitly at UZH. Moreover, many institutions that specialize in FEA modeling do so mainly in a clinical and/or strictly in an engineering capacity, thus making it difficult to expand their resources to broader audiences, including those that wish to investigate fossil material. As such, establishing a longterm FEA working group that encourages communication between diverse disciplines is the primary objective of the FEZ initiative.

This workshop is the first step in establishing a supportive FEA community and in encouraging an exchange of useful modeling insights that can help mitigate some of the obstacles commonly encountered in FEA research.

The workshop will deliver detailed interactive sessions geared at informing participants on how to conduct challenging tasks associated with FEA modeling. This hands-on component of the workshop includes two sessions focusing on automated approaches (clinical modeling session) and the implementation of the freeware Artisynth. During these demonstrations experts will share useful tips on how to use several softwares and how to ultimately optimize your FEA modeling experience.

Topics covered:

  • automated methods for FEA modeling
  • tips for working with clinical datasets
  • insights for working with various software environments and with the freeware Artisynth
  • an introduction to FEA resources and our dedicated FEZ repository
  • networking with diverse FEA experts across a variety of fields
  • technical support and trouble shooting for Artisynth

Full info can be found here

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