Cardiac Physiome Workshop 2024

When: 12/09/2024 - 14/09/2024
Where: Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
The 2024 Workshop of the Cardiac Physiome Society will be jointly organized by Drs. Viviane Timmermann, Axel Loewe, and Peter Kohl and held in conjunction with the final workshop of the MICROCARD project.

Over the last two decades, breakthroughs in the research methodologies employed by experimental physiologists and clinical scientists have paved the way for an explosion in the quality and quantity of available data. These developments have underpinned many of the post-genomic era’s advances in understanding, enabling the analysis of specific physiological systems through the collection of unique individual data sets. In parallel with these experimental developments, advances in computational and numerical techniques have accelerated our capacity to derive new knowledge, making possible the integration of multiple data sets through the application of bio-physically based computational models. These modeling developments now provide the potential for analyzing complex cause and effect relationships and facilitating the development of improved mechanistic understanding in a range of physiological systems.

Through the efforts of an active and multidisciplinary research community the heart has emerged as arguably the most advanced current example of this approach. The next Cardiac Physiome Workshop will be held 12–14 September 2024, at the University of Freiburg, Germany.

Workshop participants will be invited to contribute to a Special Issue of the Journal of Physiology, edited by Drs. Timmermann and Loewe, entitled “Integrating Experimental and Mathematical Approaches for Advancing Cardiac Physiology Research”.

Deadline for abstracts to be considered for oral presentations: 31 May 2024

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