Avicenna members only's webinar - "Towards In-Silico Stroke Trials"

When: 05/10/2021 - 05/10/2021
Where: online Gotowebinar platform
The Webinar took place on Tuesday, October the 5th by Professor Alfons Hoekstra from the University of Amsterdam.

Short abstract

One potential very impactful application of Human Digital Twin technology is that of In-Silico Trials. In this lecture the development and status of an IST for Acute Ischemic Stroke will be introduced. This In-Silico Stroke Trial is the result of a pan-European collaboration (in the EU funded project INSIST, https://www.insist-h2020.eu), and is a hybrid of statistical models (e.g. the virtual population model) and mechanistic models (e.g. for thrombectomy or brain tissue perfusion). All models are integrated relying on a discrete event simulation. First results in relation to a retrospective reproduction of the seminal Mr Clean clinical trial will be discussed.

Short bio

Alfons Hoekstra is full professor Computational Science & Engineering and director of Informatics Institute at the University of Amsterdam. He is also a member of the Computational Science Lab. His research focuses on Human Digital Twins, mainly in the Cardiovascular domain, on Multiscale Modeling of Complex Systems, and on High Performance Computing, Hoekstra is editor of the Journal of Computational Science.

Recordings are available on the members-only part of the website of the Avicenna Alliance.

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