Avicenna Days 2022

When: 15/02/2022 - 16/02/2022
Where: online Gotowebinar platform
The 2022 Avicenna Days will take place 15 -16 February 2022 14.00 – 18:30 CEST and will update the entire healthcare community on recent progress and achievements related to the adoption and deployment of in silico methods. We will review the plans to make digital evidences and in silico methods a reality in academic and industrial research, for both regulatory and clinical applications.

You are wondering what is the role of computer modeling and simulation (CM&S) also known as In Silico methods for regulatory approval process?

You are intrigued by the role played by the Avicenna Alliance to accelerate the adoption of Digital Evidence to get your new healthcare solution approved faster?

You want to hear from Regulatory, Academic and Industry Thought leaders what you should expect in the foreseeable future?

Who should attend?

  • Any academic or industry researcher and leader involved in medical and pharmaceutical innovation,
  • Any Scientists and regulatory affairs professionals interested in digital evidence,
  • Clinicians and medical staff intrigued to understand how this technology will help them in their daily activities.

What will you learn?

1.Recent advances supporting in silico methods for research, regulatory and clinical activities, on the medical device, bio/pharma and treatment fields.

2.Academic, industry and regulatory leaders’ visions and timelines for larger scale adoption of in silico medicine.

3.Ask questions, express concerns, debate with experts and peers about important, immediate next steps to combine health care innovation and better patient safety.

Take a look at the Agenda and Register as soon as possible.

Want more information? Please contact manager@avicenna-alliance.com

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