21st Multiscale Modelling and Simulation Workshop

When: 02/07/2024 - 04/07/2024
Where: Malaga, Spain
The Workshop will be held in conjunction with the International Conference on Computational Science

The workshop aims to bring together experts from diverse fields, such as physical science, engineering, life sciences and the socio-economic domain. This is a unique opportunity for you to showcase your research, share your insights and ideas, and connect with like-minded professionals from around the world.

We welcome submissions in the following areas:

  • Simulation and modelling of multiscale systems.
  • Challenging applications in science, industry or society (e.g., in computational biology).
  • New approaches for coupling and scale bridging, combine different models and scales in one application.
  • Advanced numerical methods for solving multiscale problems.
  • Uncertainty quantification and sensitivity analysis in multiscale simulations.
  • Verification and validation in a multiscale modelling context.
  • Software approaches for simulating multiscale systems and handling the complex workloads accompanying them.
  • Executing multiscale models on advanced and/or heterogeneous computing environments (HPC, clouds, hybrid, distributed etc.).
  • Performance analysis of multiscale applications and/or tools.

The deadline for submitting your paper or abstract is March 4th, 2024.

Please refer to the call for papers attachment and website for further details: https://mms.computationalscience.nl/.

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