• Digital Patient: How Advanced is the Technology at Present?

    A question that might come to the minds of some of the participants taking part in the roadmap for the Digital Patient, especially those unfamiliar with VPH (Virtual Physiological Human) research is ‘How advanced is the technology at present?’
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  • Discipulus: What Does the Second Consultation Meeting Need to Achieve?

    The meeting needs to achieve one thing: Consensus – How Can We Make the Digital Patient Happen?
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  • PhD position in musculoskeletal biomechanical modelling now available at Sheffield University

    A PhD on "Individualised Modelling for Pre-Operative Planning of TKR" has been advertised by Sheffield University. Deadline for application: January 1st, 2013
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  • NMSBuilder alpha release available!

    One of the running VPH funded projects, NMS Physiome, recently released a new user-friendly tool package for developing OpenSim musculoskeletal models from patient-specific biomedical data.
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  • Read the October Issue of the EUDAT newsletter

    EUDAT is a European initiative (part of FP7) that aims to deliver a Collaborative Data Infrastructure (CDI) with the capacity and capability for meeting future researchers’ needs in a sustainable way. Read the October newsletter to get information on the recent projects developments.
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  • Details of Structure of the Second Consultation Meeting to be Released Soon

    The format and structure of the Second Consultation Meeting is currently being designed and will be released about a month before the meeting event.
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