VPH2018 in Zaragoza

I3A Aragón Institute of Engineering Research from Zaragoza wins the call for bids for the organisation of the VPH2018 conference.

At a recent BoD meeting, VPHi representatives had the difficult tasks to select the organisers of VPH2018. Three interesting proposals were received:

Each one of the proposals had its points of strength and all three were very professionally presented, making the choice really hard.  After a long discussion, the Board selected the bid proposed by the 13A team from Saragoza, represented by Prof Jose Manuel Garcia-Aznar.

The proposed theme for the conference is “VPH for In Silico Medicine”. The conference will aim to position VPH research in the broader context of In Silico Clinical Trials, contributing to advance in the most relevant challenges, from the development of novel technologies to its clinical application.

The conference programme will be grouped into four main concepts from fundamental methodologies to clinical applications to be as comprehensive as possible:

  • validation of models
  • novel tools
  • clinical applications for pharmaceutics
  • clinical applications for biomedical devices

VPH2018 confere

The conference will take place from 5th to 7th of September 2018 in the newest facilities of University of Zaragoza, and will benefit of the historical beauties this 2000 years old city has to offer.

More news to come soon...



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