The VPHi Best Student Award 2022 goes to Mojtaba Barzegari from KU Leuven

During the plenary Award Ceremony on the last day of the VPH 2022 Conference, Mojtaba and the other three finalists presented their work to the entire assembly before the official announcement of the winner.
Mojtaba Barzegari presents his work in plenary session during the Award Ceremony

Before the beginning of the VPH 2022 Conference, the Award Committee had received 19 nominations from students in the community, who were evaluated based on their CVs and abstracts of their submitted works. After careful evaluation, the reviewers selected four outstanding finalists to be further evaluated during their presentations at the Conference.

During the Award Ceremony on Friday 9th Sept., the Committee officially awarded Mojtaba Barzegari from KU Leuven for his presentation on “High-performance computational modeling of metallic biomaterials biodegradation”.

Mojtaba is a PhD researcher in the field of Computational Biomedical Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Liesbet Geris, and he is currently investigating the biodegradation behavior of materials used for implants and devices that can get absorbed by the body.

"It has been an honor to present my work which I’m very proud of - said Mojtaba after the Ceremony - the model I have developed uses mathematical and computational methods to study the behavior of biodegradable materials and the response of the body tissues, but it also exploits high-performance computing (HPC) approaches to make the model itself capable of being run on thousands of CPU cores to ultimately reduce the time needed to have results and predictions. I would like to thank the VPH institute for this prize and opportunity, and my supervisor, research team at KU Leuven, and external collaborators from the University of Amsterdam and Helmholtz-Zentrum Hereon for the countless hours of work done together to finally achieve this result."

We also take the chance to congratulate the other finalists:

  • Morteza Rasouligandomani (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
  • Sara Bridio (Politecnico di Milano)
  • Satanik Mukherjee (KU Leuven)

The Best VPHi Student Award is an bi-annual competition accessible by all the VPHi student members. The future call will be published on the VPHi website in 2023, stay tuned not to miss the opportunity to participate!


Mojtaba Barzegari presents his work in plenary session during the Award Ceremony All finalists and winners Mojtaba Barzegari during his presentation

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