Proposed budget of €97.9 billion for Horizon Europe

In early May, the EC proposed to allocate a budget of €97.9 billion to Horizon Europe, the next EU Research and Innovation Programme (2021-2027).

The Commission was proud to announce that this would be the biggest ever research and innovation funding programme. According to the proposal, Horizon Europe would be based around three pillars:

  1. Open Science Pillar – Would support researchers through fellowships and exchanges as well as funding to projects through the European Research Council and the Marie-Skłodowska-Curie actions.
  2. Global Challenges Pillar – Would be built on clusters. This pillar is intended to support research relating to societal challenges e.g. fight against cancer, clean mobility and plastic-free oceans.
  3. Open Innovation Pillar – A European Innovation Council would offer a one-stop shop for high potential and breakthrough technologies and companies with potential for scaling up. It would further offer fast, flexible grants and market-based instruments with private investors while ensuring that support close to the market activities does not distort competition between innovators.

As part of the programme, the Joint Research Centre would provide EU policy makers with independent scientific evidence and technical support throughout the whole policy cycle. The European Institute of Innovation and Technology would support all three pillars and specifically address global challenges primarily through its Knowledge and Innovation Communities integrating business, research, higher education and entrepreneurship.

Horizon Europe would also simplify the rules for beneficiaries:

  • Further simplification of the current real cost reimbursement system will be pursued, including its simplified funding model and the principle of one funding rate per project;
  • To increase flexibility, the future programme will allow allocation of funds between and within the pillars to react swiftly to emerging policy issues or challenges;
  • Further improvements to the proposal submission and evaluation process (i.e. evaluation criteria, involvement of independent experts) will be envisaged;
  • Instruments and funding schemes in the EU Research & Innovation landscape will be streamlined and coordinated. Partnerships will be improved building on the success of Joint Undertakings and linked with specific missions. In particular, specific support schemes for innovation will be streamlined under the newly-created European Innovation Council. The combination of Horizon Europe grants and financial instruments under the InvestEU Fund and with other relevant EU funding programmes will also be made easier.
  • There is also room to further expand the use of new management modes, including through delegation to agencies and a simplified set of partnerships.

Building on these proposals, the Commission will present in the coming weeks a more detailed proposal for Horizon Europe.

For more information, the Commission Communication published on 2 May can be found here.

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