New Commission 2015 Work Programme

In December 2014, the European Commission adopted its work programme for 2015.

The focus of President Juncker’s Commission in 2015 is heavily focused on employment and labour mobility with several new initiatives foreseen including:

  • A new labour package: this may be legislative or non-legislative designed to promote employment;
  • Legislative Digital Single Market Package;
  • Labour Market Mobility Package – designed to better coordinate social security systems for employees working across borders;

Health and research is absent from this 2015 work plan. This is not unexpected however and it must also be remembered that this work plan is merely for 2015 and does not reflect on the other 4 years of the Commission’s mandate. 

A review of copyright legislation as part of the digital single market package may be of interest to EAMBES members as this will very likely deal with the IPR of software – an area seen as fragmented and in need of policy attention. 

The digital single market also includes the digital agenda which in turn includes eHealth. It is unclear however whether eHealth will be a topic which is addressed in 2015. 

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