Medical Devices to move to DG Enterprise

The PAWG has received confirmation that responsibility for medical devices (and as such key dossiers such as the Medical Devices Regulation and IVDR) will now fall under the auspices of DG Enterprise.

Public pressure from a range of stakeholders and key MEPs caused President Juncker to reverse his initial decision to move responsibility for medicinal products from DG SANCO (now called DG Sante) to DG Enterprise. But in this move, it has gone largely unnoticed, that medical devices will still pass to DG Enterprise.

Media attention has now died down on the topic and many MEPs who would object to this decision are likely unaware that President Juncker did not reverse his decision in its entirety.

While many would say that a move to DG Enterprise would likely create more of an industry-friendly environment for medical technologies, only time will tell. 

These changes will take effect in January 2015.

Date: 26/11/2014 | Tag: | News: 323 of 1596
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