In Brazil to advocate in silico medicine

On October 4th 2023, representatives of the Avicenna Alliance and the VPH Institute landed in Brazil to create awareness around the value of digital evidence and in silico simulations in regulatory processes, and showcase in silico models developed by Brazilian universities establishing vital collaborations to propel the field of in silico.

Our Avicenna Alliance and VPHi colleagues had the honour of addressing the Brazilian Parliament, highlighting the pivotal role of digital evidence and in silico simulations in pharmaceutical and medical device regulatory processes, and underscoring the importance of globally standardized regulatory standards.

It was a great opportunity to engage in discussions with parliamentarians and regulatory authorities like the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency - Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) and show how these standards aim to ensure an efficient and uniform approach to in silico simulations, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide by reducing research and development time, cutting costs, minimizing animal testing, and reducing the number of patients required in clinical trials, all while guaranteeing products efficacy and safety.

Luiz Ladeira (University of Liège), Martha de Cunha Maluf-Burgman (Edwards Lifesciences), Marc Horner (Ansys), and Priscilla Lemes (Edwards Lifesciences) attended the public session, which was recorded and can be watched here.vph_avicenna

Moreover, we were given the chance to showcase Brazilian academic excellence, highlighting the country's potential to further advance in the in silico medicine field. Spreading the word inside Academia, and talking to engineering students during the "V Engineering Week" event of the UFABC and the "Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program" seminar, allowed our team to share invaluable knowledge with both students and professionals, encouraging collaboration and integration of in silico methodologies within the academic and research communities.

We also presented Avicenna and VPH Institute’s vision on in silico medicine, inviting Brazilian universities to join our community and providing opportunities to explore the possibilities and practical uses of these disruptive technologies. Our goal is to build on these successes by establishing partnerships and connections for future collaborations to further the advancement of in silico medicine on a global scale.

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