EU sets out the groundwork for an ambitious plan to interconnect Europe’s science outputs

At a meeting on 13 June 2017, EU Research Commissioner Carlos Moedas called on governments and researchers to back the creation of a European Open Science Cloud and give scientists ready access to data stores across Europe.

The vision is that with a few clicks researchers will get access to data from any laboratory or scientific discipline across Europe. The cloud project will be interconnecting data infrastructures run by commercial and publicly-funded providers, adding software, metadata, data registries and other tools needed to glue these existing services together.

The science cloud will not be a physical place, it is an ecosystem, involving ministries, funders, universities, and data service providers.


The Commission’s digital and research directorates are incubating the project, which Moedas wants to see up and running by 2020. The burning question is how exactly to go about collecting and ordering all the research data Europe produces under a single interface. With the project being in its early days, the discussion underscored how much still needs to come together.

Further information can be found  here.

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