EDITH public discussion meeting

The EDITH consortium published a first draft of the vision for the Virtual Human Twin. Join us for one of the upcoming discussion meetings to learn more and give your input.

EDITH is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA), funded by the European Commission, which will capitalise on the developments of digital technologies, high performance computing, availability and access to research and healthcare data in Europe, with the mission of defining a roadmap to go from separated single organ digital twins, to the integrated Virtual Human Twin. EDITH will facilitate this process by building an evolutionary ecosystem, driven by a consensus among the relevant European communities, and implemented through the aid of practical tools, such as a data/model repository (within the scope of EDITH), and a simulation platform (to be implemented after EDITH).

The Virtual Human Twin is an integrated multi-scale, -time, and -discipline representation of quantitative human physiology and pathology. Its realisation through a collaborative distributed knowledge and resource infrastructure is specifically designed to accelerate the development, integration, and adoption of patient-specific predictive computer models, which will be used as clinical decision support systems, for personal health forecasting or as methodologies for the development and derisking of personalised medical products.

The EDITH consortium published the first draft of the Vision for the Virtual Human Twin, along with the outline of the roadmap for its realisation. The first complete draft of the roadmap is foreseen for 31st of July 2023. To anticipate the public phase of the EDITH project that will follow this publication of the roadmap draft, we are organising 2 public discussion sessions for all members of the ecosystem who are interested in the EDITH project and proposals for the roadmap. Register using the following links:

For more information, please check the EDITH website or our Zenodo community

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