Digital innovation in cardiovascular medicine: a multi-stakeholder business

The article authored by the VPH institute in collaboration with the SimCardioTest project has been published on The Project Repository Journal,

How can in silico approaches help with cardiac health?

In silico technologies are being increasingly used at every step of the cardiac therapy life-cycle, and SimCardioTest consortium is making a point to engage all relevant stakeholders in tailored ways to involve, raise awareness and eventually realise the potential of in silico approaches in cardiovascular health product development.

Since the primary objective of computational medicine is to improve patients’ health and safety, it is crucial that members of the public and patients are involved in the technology development process, having the possibility to raise their voice and open a dialogue on the digital transformation in healthcare.

However, digital innovation in cardiovascular medicine is a multi-stakeholder business, and the engagement with other groups is necessary. SimCardioTest invites cardiovascular interventionists, surgeons and cardiologists to the discussion groups for patients to raise awareness and building trust among medical practitioners too.

It is important to note that full uptake of in silico technologies for cardiovascular therapy development may also imply targeting other types of clinical actors: clinical opinion leaders, health regulators and policy makers.

The health and digital transformation policy agenda is extremely active given the current context, with the rise of digital tools and AI in all sectors, and Consortia, such as SimCardioTest, can group and amplify the voices of individual researchers or stakeholders.

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Date: 14/03/2023 | Tag: | News: 1426 of 1573
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