CARDIOPROOF – A VPH success story?

The VPH project, CARDIOPROOF, was recently brought to conclusion after a successful run. EC reviewers highlighted the “considerable scientific and technical impact” of the project on which Europe now “must capitalize”.

Some great results have come from the CARDIOPROOF project, which aimed at investigating the viability and effectiveness of mechanistic modelling in cardiovascular medicine, especially in the management of aortic valve disease (AVD) and aortic coarctation (CoA), both high-mortality conditions when left untreated.

CARDIOPROOF has not only confirmed the value of personalised simulation models in supporting the clinical decision process, but has provided clear evidences of how VPH technologies has the potential to reduce costs of care. The London School of Economics, one of the project partners, has quantified that thanks to this new technology we could reduce up to 15% per-patient in hospital expenditure, pointing to potentially vast saving for healthcare systems at large.

We encourage to read the full article that has just been published in the project website, available at this link



Date: 13/04/2017 | Tag: | News: 588 of 1588
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