• VPH2012 Conference - Extension of deadline for abstract submission

    Due to numerous requests for an extension of the deadline for the call for abstracts the VPH2012 organizing committee decided to extend the deadline to 18th March 2012. If you still have not done it, the VPH Institute invites you to give your contribute to this event, which is one of the most important for our community.
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  • The VPH INSTITUTE web-site is under construction.

    The Institute will shortly have its web-site ready: www-vph-institute.org. Help us to build our new “home”!
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  • How to become an VPH Institute general member?

    Joining the VPH Institute is very simple: download the application form, compile it, and send it to the Institute manager following the instructions enclosed. As soon as it will be received, the Board of Directors will review your request and just in few days you could be officially on board!
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  • Meet the members of the VPH Institute

    From its incorporation less than one year ago, the Institute has gained the interest of a considerable number of worldwide institutions that applied for the Institute membership: we currently have 58 member institutions, of which nine are supporting members.
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  • Information Overload at the Frontline

    Research shows that electronic health record systems can induce information overload for primary care professionals.
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  • The information explosion – and how to harness it

    The time taken to translate biomedical research into clinical practise remains too long. The volume of research in biomedical science is ever increasing. We may soon reach a point where no individual can hope to process all the information available into effective healthcare strategies.
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