• DISCIPULUS: Clinical Working Groups

    The clinical working groups will soon be assembled. These groups will provide vital end-user experience and views to the roadmap authors.
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  • The Human Brain Project: an example of integrating knowledge

    A new project aims at producing a model of the most complex organ known, the human brain.
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  • DISCIPULUS Integrating Models: Linking medical imaging and physiological modelling

    One of the pillars of the Digital Patient technologies will be that of "information blending, or fusion". We take a look at what this might mean in practise.
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  • Changes in DG INFSO as of 1st July 2012

    The current Directorate General for Information Society and Media (DG INFSO) will change its name and structure as of 1st July 2012.
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  • The promise and challenge of personalized medicine

    Adriano Henney, Director of the German Virtual Liver Network and upcoming supporting member of the VPH Institute, recently published an opinion paper on the Croatian Medical Journal about the challenges that personalized medicine needs to address to ensure its implementation in a clinical setting.
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  • Healthcare science: A catalyst for delivering a new healthcare system

    The VPH Institute Executive Director, Marco Viceconti, gave a presentation on the VPH during “Healthcare science” a major event for healthcare scientists held in London on Monday 30th April & Tuesday 1st May 2012.
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