Modeling Dynamics, Fatigue and Fracture - Best Practices and Future Challenges

When: 22/11/2023 - 23/11/2023
Where: Roskilde, Denmark
22 - 23 November 2023, DTU Risø Campus, Roskilde, Denmark. Organised by NAFEMS, worldwide independent association dedicated to engineering modelling, analysis & simulation.

Modeling dynamics, fatigue, and fracture are relevant to many industrial applications often aimed at improving the reliability of the final product. Applications, covering the modeling of drop-test of small devices, fatigue simulations for lifetime predictions of automotive, aerospace, and other industrial products, and fracture simulations aimed for e.g., crashworthiness predictions.

Despite its importance, it is still considered a challenging task to get accurate predictions for such cases. Dynamic impact loading requires high strain rate material data and well-defined loading conditions. Fatigue lifetime predictions require complex damage evolution laws that often depend on a large number of intrinsic materials and loading parameters. Fracture models often require fine mesh resolutions, care of mesh-sensitive solutions, and hard-to-measure cohesive material laws.

The conference will be hosted at Technical University of Denmark, DTU Wind Energy located at DTU Risø Campus near Roskilde in Denmark. In addition to listening to presentations covering those challenging fields, a tour of DTU Wind Energy’s world-leading composite mechanical testing labs, covering fatigue testing of interfaces and composite material and a tour at the Large Scale Facility, testing fatigue failure of wind turbine blades will be given.

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