First ecosystem meeting on building the VHT

When: 18/01/2024
Where: Paris, France

The EDITH coordination & support action is working on facilitating an ecosystem-driven creation of the roadmap for the Virtual Human Twin (VHT). The Virtual Human Twin (VHT) is envisioned as a systematic, ever-growing digital and quantitative representation of the actionable knowledge available on human pathophysiology. The European VHT platform will enable the pooling of resources and assets to develop digital twins in healthcare and assess their credibility. It entails the development of a federated public infrastructure and the collection of appropriate resources (data, models, algorithms, computing power, storage etc.), driven by the engagement of a collaborative ecosystem. With the help of the consortium, advisory boards, experts and the wider ecosystem (though public meetings and a public feedback phase), we created a first draft of the VHT roadmap. It mostly serves to indicate the different elements that need to be elaborated and supported in the scope of the VHT.

Meeting objectives and program: In this meeting we aim to further the work on the VHT roadmap, ensuring it is comprehensive in its inclusion of all necessary building blocks and considerations for realizing the VHT. Hence, the meeting will consist of a mix of plenary sessions and break-outs. Topics will include (amongst others) clinical uptake, commercialization, real-world data, AI, ethics, integration of resources, European platforms, incentivization and new use cases. At the end of the Paris meeting, we will structure the work (developing & writing) and the organization (working groups, online meetings, slack) for the coming 6 months. All of this work will be brought together and translated into a tangible 10-year plan during the second public VHT ecosystem meeting (15-16/7/2024 in KIT, Amsterdam).

Who should attend: all members of the ecosystem are welcome, including (but not limited to) colleagues from academia, industry, research institutes, hospitals, HPC centers, regulators, notified bodies, HTA agencies, legal offices, ethics societies, as well as social sciences civil and patient organisations.

Registration: HERE

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