BioGears Framework for Multiscale Physiology

When: 07/09/2016 - 07/09/2016
Where: Webinar
Speaker: Jeff Webb, Applied Research Associates

BioGears® is an open source, general-purpose human physiology simulation engine. The goal of BioGears is to provide consistent physiology for use by the medical modeling and simulation community. The accuracy of this whole-body model is assessed through a validation process which compares the simulation results to a range of observed values within the reference population. BioGears has been customized for integration with real-time training simulations to produce virtual patient responses in both software and hardware scenario-based applications. A software architecture that leverages a common data model was created to provide a well-defined interaction paradigm for models at different spatial and temporal scales. The framework can be applied for integration towards the development of predictive multiscale models for in silico clinical trials.

This talk will describe:

  • The motivation and purpose of the BioGears program
  • The utilization of extensive user community engagement to inform design and implementation decisions
  • The use of validation to provide assurance in results
  • The process of translating physiology modeling and simulation research into clinical use
  • The decision to allow physiology model extensions and improvements to be integrated by the user base over time

It will also include recommended best practices and lessons learned in getting BioGears adopted. Finally, perceived gaps and limitations in guidelines for establishing standardized simulation-based medicine will be presented, along with recommendations for future improvements.

Participation is free, but you must register in advance. We also ask that you join the webinar 5 minutes early to orient yourself to the webinar interface.

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