Avicenna Alliance & EFGCP: "Modelling a Policy Framework for In Silico Medicine"

When: 27/02/2018 - 27/02/2018
Where: Webinar

No matter how predictive or advanced a computer model is, it is commercially useless if it is not accepted by regulators in the assessment or reimbursement of healthcare technologies. This reality today represents one of the biggest barrier to the uptake of computer modelling and simulation in healthcare. 

In this webinar organised in collaboration by both the Avicenna Alliance and  EFGCP it will be explored what regulatory and policy systems have been put in place in the US and what is needed in the EU.  What would a comprehensive CM&D policy mean for HTA? Can our very concept of patient safety remain the same in a future full of computer modelling and simulation?

Join the webinar in answering these questions and more. 

 The faculty for this third & last webinar includes: 

  • James Kennedy, RPP Healthcare 
  • Tina Morrison, FDA, US perspective 
  • Nikolai C. Brun, Danish Medicines Agency

Please register on line: http://bit.ly/2E5f3pe

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