3rd VPH Summer School

When: 18/06/2018 - 22/06/2018
Where: Barcelona - Spain

The 3rd VPH Summer School will be held in Barcelona, Spain, on June 18-22, 2018. It stands for a unique opportunity to meet 16 world-class international researchers who will deliver keynote lectures during the morning sessions. Attendees will also be able to handle synchrotron images, perform human body motion captures, run finite element simulations or create agent-based models during the afternoon hands-on sessions.

The VPH Summer School series is co-organized by the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and by the Virtual Physiological Human Institute. It aims to provide junior engineers and medical doctors with a complete overview of state-of-the-art VPH research, following a complete pipeline from basic science and clinical needs, to model application.

This 3rd edition focusses on data integration, model verification and validation and 16 international keynote speakers will share their research experience related with the following topics:

  • 18 June: Basic Science, clinical understanding, and need for in silico modelling: Biological and clinical problems that require collecting, handling and interpreting large amounts of data 
  • 19 June: Data acquisition, processing, and quantification for modelling: Quality, heterogeneity, collection, accessibility, and treatment of data
  • 20 June: Organ, cell and molecular models: Integration of data for creation and parametrization of models at different scales and across the scales
  • 21 June: Implementation, validation and coupling of models: Sensitivity analyses, stochastic simulations, model verification, and direct and indirect validation
  • 22 June: Application: Understanding simulation outcomes, technological transfer, decision and therapy support: Patient-specific modelling, Interpretable machine learning, metamodeling, success and failure stories


Morning: 17.5 hours of invited keynotes lectures on the above topics

Afternoon: 15 hours of hands on for the practical development of models, execution of simulations and result analyses in the context of a specific application. Attendees are guided by senior researchers through the different steps of problem definition, model design, technical implementation, code execution and interpretation of simulations results.

Targeted audience:

This event is mostly dedicated to PhD students and junior postdocs who seek cross dissemination and a guided experience through the use of computer models and simulations to tackle specific clinical problems. The participation is open to engineers, but also to biomedical scientists and medical doctors with an interest in computer modeling and simulation for research and clinical practice.

Registration and further information on the Summer School can be found here



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