2nd international Summer School on Neuroimaging, NeuroScience, Neuroncology

When: 25/06/2023 - 29/06/2023
Where: Aktea Hotel, Lipari, Italy
This year will focus mostly in AI for temporal patterns, and Glioblastoma. A tutorial from FDA on how to move from research to FDA-approved startups will also be given.

The school is aimed at providing lectures and workshops about Neuroimaging, NeuroScience, Neuroncology for MSc/PhD students, MD, post-doctoral researchers, and faculty/company members.

You will spend a week in the company of world-class scientists in an idyllic landscape of the Aeolian Islands (Italy, Sicilian province of Messina). Inspiring and informative lectures, workshops and tutorials, as well as networking and brainstorming, will be complemented by entertaining trips.

The event is also related to a special issue of Frontiers In Neuroimaging: there will be 2 sessions where participants can brainstorm and potentially prepare papers for the issue assisted.

Morever, there will be a tutorial on technology transfer "From research to FDA approved startup".

All info about speakers, agenda and registration at https://www.neurosummerschool.org

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