1st Problem Workshop

When: 18/09/2017 - 22/09/2017
Where: Warwick - U.K.

Participants will spend 5 days tackling QSP problems brought by industrial and academic clinical pharmacologists, life, biological and biomedical scientists focused around QSP. The workshop will follow a similar format to the internationally recognised  Mathematics in Medicine Study Groups.

The first day will consist of problem presentations by clinical pharmacologists, biological, biomedical and clinical scientists. Following this participants will spend time brain storming and working on each respective problem. Presentations on progress made throughout the week are made on the Friday of the meeting.

Such Problem Workshops have an established history of seeding new productive collaborations between industry and academia, of leading to unexpected new insight and outcomes, patents, publications as well as further funding applications.

The following problems have been accepted for this meeting with more to follow. Please click on each title below to open a pdf of the full problem description.

A copy of the draft meeting programme can be dowloaded by clicking  here.

Further information can be found  here

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