In vivo, in vitro, in silico: why computer modelling is the next evolution of the healthcare sector

Schermata 2018-12-11 alle 10.56.30

In occasion of the International Avicenna Alliance Conference hosted at the European Parliament, Avicenna Alliance's leaders supported by senior people from FDA, ANSYS, Medtronic, CIPLA, VPHi, EFGCP and RPP, have explained to delegations from Europe, USA, India and Japan the central role played by in silico healthcare to accelerate medical innovation. Speakers have highlighted the lag currently experienced by Europe while describing avenues to reclaim leadership in a globally harmonized and regulated healthcare environment. The video opens up with an interview with our Executive Director, Prof Lies Geris. 


Schermata 2018-12-11 alle 10.56.30

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