Two Master 2 Internship in Systems Biology

Six months from January 2018 in Paris at UPMC/INSERM - Sorbonne University

The project is designed for 2 students, a biologist and a computer scientist. Each part can be developed independently but a coordinated interdisciplinary collaboration between the students will improve the system biology approach.

-Master 2 in biology: A biologist/immunologist to produce and analyse new biological data, while developing in parallel competencies in flow cytometry, cell culture and in vivo mouse model analysis.

-Master 2 in computer science/modelling/simulation: A computer scientist to develop an integrated and automatized computer workflow from existing data and codes and to develop an interface, usable by biologists, to run simulations and to fit models to experimental data.

Further information (in English) can be found here.

Alternatively you can visit the University website (French only)

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