The Virtual Metabolic Human database

Recently published on the Nucleic Acids Research Journal by Ines Thiele (University of Luxembourg) & all, this paper describes the Virtual Metabolic Human database and how to integrate human and gut microbiome metabolism with nutrition and disease.

A multitude of factors contribute to complex diseases and can be measured with ‘omics’ methods. Databases facilitate data interpretation for underlying mechanisms. The Virtual Metabolic Human (VMH, database encapsulates current knowledge of human metabolism within five interlinked resources ‘Human metabolism’, ‘Gut microbiome’, ‘Disease’, ‘Nutrition’, and ‘ReconMaps’. The VMH captures 5180 unique metabolites, 17 730 unique reactions, 3695 human genes, 255 Mendelian diseases, 818 microbes, 632 685 microbial genes and 8790 food items. The VMH’s unique features are:

  1. the hosting of the metabolic reconstructions of human and gut microbes amenable for metabolic modeling; 
  2. seven human metabolic maps for data visualization; 
  3. a nutrition designer;
  4. a user-friendly webpage and application-programming interface to access its content;
  5. user feedback option for community engagement
  6.  the connection of its entities to 57 other web resources. 

The VMH represents a novel, interdisciplinary database for data interpretation and hypothesis generation to the biomedical community.

If you're interested to know more, the full article can be found here 

Date: 17/01/2019 | Tag: | News: 896 of 1573
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