The Netherlands and Brazil intensify cooperation in innovation

The Netherlands and Brazil will be developing a joint innovation programme in 2019 in order to conduct more joint research and development in areas such as high-tech systems and materials, aerospace, medical technologies and natural disaster prevention.

The Dutch State Secretary of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Mona Keijzer, and Brazilian Minister for Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications, Gilberto Kassab, signed an agreement to this effect in São Paulo on 20 August.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy already earmarked almost €1 million for innovation-based collaboration with Brazil this year. These funds are part of the GlobalStars programme created by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy in order to stimulate Dutch entrepreneurs and organisations to conduct research and development with specific partners outside Europe.

Cooperation between the Netherlands and Brazil has also taken an important place in the EU innovation programme Horizon 2020: of the 88 projects awarded with a Brazilian participant, 35 involve a Dutch partner. These projects resulted in EU support to the tune of €26.8 million for the Netherlands and €5.3 million for Brazil.

The Dutch government is still investing and pushing towards cooperation with Brazil on new digital technologies in the high-tech sector. The government considers that there is an opportunity for Dutch companies and their expertise in the area of digital and industrial technologies, fields in which Brazil has promising markets.

Innovative entrepreneurs and organisations that are interested in the GlobalStars programme can find more information on the Globalstars website. Projects involving cooperation with Brazilian partners can be submitted until 31 October 2018.

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