Survey on AI in Pediatric cancer

EU4CHILD, a project which aims to provide top-quality, evidence-based AI services to accelerate an early diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and care of children with cancer, has created a short survey to better understand the needs of their stakeholders.

UNICA4EU is a follow-on initiative that will build on the work of EU4CHILD. The vision of UNICA4EU is to pave the foundation of the ecosystem that will facilitate the upscaling and wide-scale application of Artificial Intelligence to Paediatric Cancer in the next ten years, positioning Europe as the worldwide benchmark in the field.

The initiative will bring together the multi-disciplinary networks of stakeholders required to strengthen the reference knowledge base for the Paediatric Cancer investigation and promotion. This ambition resonates with the European Beating Cancer Plan Flagship ‘Helping Children with Cancer Initiative’, focussed on ensuring that children have access to rapid and optimal detection, diagnosis, treatment and care and build cancer centre networks that extend and complement the European Reference Network for Paediatric Cancer (ERN PaedCan).

The advantage rooted in UNICA4EU comes from the collaboration between the key actors in this consortium required to accomplish such ambition, including the members from the pilot project (EU4CHILD), reinforced with the leadership of SIOPE. The collaboration with the patient, parent and survivor advocacy network CCI-Europe, with the survivorship care and research network PanCare and the central role of the ERN PaedCan.

The mission will be oriented to bridge today’s dichotomy: 1) Endorse the technical research and innovation in trustworthy and reliable AI, addressing the inherent challenges related to handle multiple data models, homogenisation, interoperability, processing and federated models; 2) Advocate best practices and road-mapping strategic policy to boost the adoption among the healthcare sector, caregivers, children and adolescents living with cancer and survivors. This will require a complete identification of the end-users needs, built upon the existing standards and policy guidelines.

To support the success of the project and understand the needs of the stakeholders involved, it was created a short survey (estimated time of completing is 10 minutes) that we would ask your help to distribute and participate to!

The survey is available in English, German and Spanish.




Please forward this announcement to your network. The project is particularly keen to hear from young people and their family and carers but also all those involved in providing care and support in the field of paediatric oncology.

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